Known as a base for upcoming designers and emerging labels to stand their ground and strike a their vivid style across the Australian fashion landscape, Australian Fashion Council’s Curated (AFC Curated) returns to Sydney this May, allowing the public at large another opportunity to enliven their wardrobe with fresh, and one-of-a-kind pieces which are bound to set them apart from the crowd.

The pop-up boasts a wide range of talent and eye for style that ranges from Avila‘s warm and overtly stylish functionality of everyday merged through the eye of Melbourne-based designer, Ashleigh Bingham; the striking, yet inherently delicate nature imposed upon Autark‘s wondrous collection from Adelaide designer, Sophia McMahon; to the intrinsic way in which Kathryn Cowle and Jessica Speers imbue their line, Cedar & Onyx, with passionate colour scheme that beams even brighter with their deep investment in sustainable fibres and ethical manufacturing practices.

There’s a distinct voice and dash of eye-catching colour pop to each and every detail in the illustration gracing every piece of Ivy Niu and Max Vosloo‘s Ivy Niu collection. A nice change of pace to the sleek and understated work of upcoming designer Laura Keogh, who’s understated feats of simplicity pattered with soft tones would make her designs a must for any closet.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, as Silent Arrow, from designer Kelly Barett, promises to feature some of the most glorious and comfortable lingerie of which also delivers on a high fashion aesthetic. It’s only a bonus that with each purchase, a customer is gifted with a free pair cotton underwear. Meanwhile, if there ever was a brand that ignites a spark of danger and sophistication, Australian-born and London-based designer Bianca Whyte’s Whyte Studio, mixes together the perfect blend of contemporary fashion and sports-style inspiration.

As the pop-up draws closer, many of Australia’s most valuable industry mentors have found themselves taking part in advancing the skills of each and every label, while also granting them the fundamental ideals needed for a thriving business in the fashion industry. Virgin Australian Melbourne Fashion Festival CEO Graeme Lewsey; Founder and Director of The Fashion Futurist, Amy FarrellIndustrie COO, Adam Lloyd; and Helen Kaminski GM, Leila Hibiri, are amongst the industry professionals dedicated to nurturing each label taking part in the pop-up.

Across the board, Sydney-based residents will have the opportunity to take hold of building up the inspiring labels that are on the verge of worldwide notoriety. If you’ve found yourself in the midst of a style rework, AFC Curated will be open seven days a week for four consecutive weeks as of May 8th at The Strand Arcade.

Important dates for each label:

May 3rd – 9th: Allora, Silent Arrow, Lindsay Nicholas New York, and Isabelle Quinn.

May 10th – 16th: Lindsay Nicholas New York, Isabelle Quinn, Autark, Whyte Studio, and Cedar & Onyx.

May 17th – 23rd: Whyte Studio, Cedar & Onyx, Laura Keogh, West 14th, and G Terlato.

May 24th – 30th: West 14th, G Terlato, Ivy Niu, Salty Fox, Revel Knitwear, and Blue & Grae.

Find out more information about AFC Curated here.