“It’s very important to have events like this to bring the gay community together because as a young gay woman in the Illawarra it’s really hard to meet people,”

Millicent Wheeler is a 22-year-old curatorial student from Illawarra, and after noticing a distinct lack of opportunities for LGBTQIA+ artists in the region, she decided to take it upon herself to launch The Queer Arts Festival at Project Contemporary Artspace, which runs until July 23rd. Wheeler intended to create opportunities for everyone in the community, both queer and straight, to come together through art, music and performance.

130 people attended the launch of the festival, and Wheeler noted that “it’s great to see a lot of variations of artworks and people expressing themselves in different ways.” The festival includes paintings, sculptures, interactive installations, and performances.

Check out Prject Contemporary Art Space‘s website for more information. 

*Photo credit Robert Peet, llawarra Mercury