Every day we’re becoming more and more wasteful with our resources. In a constantly evolving and globalised world, it becomes difficult to appreciate the old when there is just so much new. To help us find new love for the old, and value the importance of sustainability, the Garage Sale Trail is back for its seventh year.

Garage Sale Trail is a not-for-profit campaign powered by 150 local councils, all striving to combat today’s highly disposable society. Introducing its first two-day event, the project will run on Saturday October 21 and Sunday October 22. The event encourages communities to come together while also doing their bit for the environment. Over 150,000 Aussies have already signed up to join the reuse revolution! With more than 10,000 garage sales and stalls happening across the country, there’s an array of choice for both shoppers and sellers.

To kick off Garage Sale Trail’s sustainability project, they’ve teamed up with Claire Goldsworthy of The Fashion Advocate. Stocking ethically-made, Australian fashion, The Fashion Advocate understands the importance of sustainability and innovation while valuing the art of fashion.

“I am passionate about shopping local and supporting Australian made labels, and I’m an avid recycler and op-shopper. Some of my most beloved pieces have been second-hand finds, and I value them just as much as I would any other designer item. When we were kids, my dad used to take us around garage sale hopping of a Saturday, and we’d get $5 to spend on whatever we wanted, but it had to last the day. It taught me to value what I found and treasure what I bought, and it’s true what they say, ‘One (wo)man’s trash is another’s treasure’. I’m proud to be involved with the Garage Sale Trail because I’m passionate about reducing waste and prolonging the garment lifecycle. Pre-loved is the new Prada!” says Claire Goldsworthy.

In 2016, 312,000 Aussies got involved with 15,151 sales nationally through the Garage Sale Trail. Over 2 million items were listed for sale and reuse, thus showcasing the productiveness of sustainability. Average households made $379, with community groups making $650 and schools bringing in an average of $1500. On top of the monetary benefits, the event had a profound impact on changing attendants’ mindsets. After participation in the Garage Sale Trail, 86% of people said they became more conscious of the role they play in decreasing waste and being mindful of the environment.

Although Australia is home to some of the world’s most liveable cities, it significantly lags behind with global sustainability standards. Last year, Australia ranked 20th on progress towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). While placing ahead of the United States, we were well behind Canada and many European countries.

Initiatives like the Garage Sale Trail encourage positive contributions to the environment, while also educating the public about the importance of reuse and upcycling. Instead of ending up as landfill, 576,660 items found a new home in 2016 alone because of the Garage Sale Trail initiative.

Whether you’re keen to host a sale or shop the trail, the event is sure to have something you’re after while encouraging an awesome campaign. Find more deets here to help you plan your Garage Sale Trail!