From the 28th of June to the 2nd of July, (De)construct will be held at La Mama in Carlton.

Directed by Cera Maree Brown, (De)construct is a “physical exploration of the space between self-assurance and senselessness.” The work serves to address the fragmented self by looking at how we understand and control our own identity constructs, and the performative nature of the day to day life that comes hand in hand with these constructs.

A work of physical theatre, the show will attempt to find the beauty in the struggle to understand our fragmented selves, while drawing on personal experiences of mental illness affliction. Devised and performed by Lucy Pitt, Jai Leeworthy, Nabs Adnan and Antonia Yip Siew Pin, with a live score composed and performed by James Christensen with Josh Trappett(De)construct is set to be a fascinating look at self-understanding, and identity.

(De)construct has been referred to as a a “gentle and thoughtful piece” and tickets are $25.

Find more information and purchase tickets here.