The eeriest and darkest festival Australia has to offer is back, and boasts a hell of an impressive musical lineup and arts events.

Spanning over three weeks, the festival across Bass Strait, with all its themes of spirituality, introspection and of course, darkness will be taking place for the better part of June. Dark Mofo is a festival that manages to, in its wide range of thematic focus, incorporate music, culture, art and foster a sense of community in Tasmania. An example of this can be seen in how the festival works with local businesses to ‘paint the town red’, encouraging festival goers both in and around the festival. Founded by the owner of the state’s premier art gallery MONA, the annual event contributes to Tasmania’s growing reputation as a hub of arts and culture.

In terms of the talent performing at the festival there is something for everyone. There is the much celebrated Laurie Anderson, an artist on multiple planes of existence and media who will be sure to melt the hearts and minds of everyone listening. Fresh off the heels of her latest entry into her excellent pop-rock catalogue, St. Vincent is coming down to share some good and sad times with all of us. Oh and Alice Glass is coming along with Zola Jesus because they perform together now and I hope that means they’re best friends. If all of that wasn’t enough we have William Basinski who will be performing his ‘The Disintegration Loops’ experimental music project.

In addition to music we have screenings of the controversial Soda Jerk film currently showing at ACMI, ‘Terror Nuillus’Ryoji Ikeda’s art installation ‘Spectra’ and major artworks from the ZERO collective. It’s a microcosm of cultural community that’s sure to be one of the big events of the year to experience.

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