VIVA Youth Festival is on track to set the Princes Gardens in Prahran alight on Saturday the 8th of April, with an array of exciting events, food trucks, demonstrations, workshops and more on offer.

As part of the exciting afternoon, youth music collective FReeZA will be hosting what has been dubbed the ‘Acoustic Flavour’ stage. This stage will feature a spread of young acoustic performers showcasing their talents. While there are many different artists performing on the day, we got the low down on three of the most exciting performers who will be gracing the stage.

Daniel Jasper

Daniel Jasper is a young singer-songwriter for Melbourne, who is setting himself up for an explosive career. His list of accolades at such a young age is rather impressive, and he has been the recipient of the MGS Choral Scholarship (2010-2016) The Hal Noyes Scholarship (2016) The Doris Berwick Award (2016) and the Berklee College of Music Scholarship (2017.) The Berklee College scholarship will see Daniel travel to Boston in the U.S.A to study songwriting, and grow his skills. He departs in May, so this will be one of your last chances to see the talented Daniel before he heads off on a new adventure. Follow Daniel Jasper on Facebook here.

Grace Wheildon

Grace Wheildon is a sixteen year old singer and songwriter residing in Melbourne, who specialises in grunge rock, indie and pop. Grace’s unique ability to transform well known songs in to her own pieces sets her apart from her peers, and she brings meaning and emotion to each of her performances. Grace has been classically trained, and performed at various events across Melbourne, including a fundraiser for The Starlight Foundation. Grace’s first festival performance will be at the VIVA Youth Festival, and she will be presenting a unique take on some of her favourite music.

Jordan & Charlie of The Flock

The Flock are an up and coming 5 piece band, inspired by the likes of The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, and Kings of Leon. These boys will be releasing their first EP very soon. The members of The Flock all knew each other from a young age, and ended up all going to school together. Practicing in between classes, these boys developed a real sound liked by many and are more than keen to get their music out there. Jordan and Charlie from the band will be performing as part of VIVA Youth Festival. 

Daniel, Grace, Jordan and Charlie won’t be the only talent performing at the VIVA Youth Festival ‘Acoustic Flavour’ stage, and there are so many other great young talents to check out on the day. The full line up is below – we’ll see you all there! Don’t forget, this is a totally free event.

Viva Youth Festival ‘Acoustic Flavours’ Stage

Ella McNenney @ 11:30am
Persephone Gronert @ 11:50am
Alexandra Anne @ 12:15pm
Marven Lim @ 12:40pm
Rachel Wooding @ 1:05pm
Matt Bentley @ 1:30pm
Jordan & Charlie @ 2:10pm
Daniel Jasper @ 2:35pm
Grace Wheildon @ 3:10pm
Susanna Gao @ 3:35pm