With a variety of choices on streaming services these days, it’s easy to spend an hour simply scrolling through Netflix’s catalogue to find the ‘best’ show to watch. What will keep your attention? What will provide you with heart? With laughs? Our options are seemingly countless, and it’s overwhelming. To make your viewing experience easier, here’s a clear and concise list of the five shows currently streaming on Netflix that you won’t regret watching.

Super Drags

A popular animated comedy from Brazil, Super Drags was re-dubbed in English by popular U.S. drag queens Trixie Mattel, Shangela, Ginger Minj and Willam, alongside Rod Keller. The show centers around three friends who work together during the day, then live the life of superhero drag queens at night. Beloved pop star Goldiva, think Beyonce level fandom, must be saved from the evil Lady X, and the story follows the three queens repeated attempts to do so while navigating their personal development and struggles. A fun LGBTQ+ focused action-comedy binge, this one-season-wonder is truely a masterpiece in queer television.

One Day At a Time

A reboot of the 1975 original, One Day At a Time centers around a Cuban-American family dealing with with everyday issues such as depression, colorism, queerness and more. It’s a nice departure from a lot of the shows focusing on mystery and dystopia that often receive majority of today’s hype. There’s an innocent and cute tone to the series; yet and honest and raw approach to each timely issue the characters face. While the series can often be formulaic, it never loses the heart that sets it apart from the countless other comedies on television, such as The Big Bang Theory. And if anything, One Day At A Time deserves a watch simply for EGOT recipient Rita Moreno’s scene stealing moments. While unfortunately cancelled by Netflix after three seasons, an outcry of passionate fans on social media has powered the series efforts in finding a new home.

Big Mouth

Big Mouth has a story unlike any other, with the lyrics from the opening theme “I’m going through changes”, pointedly alluding to the fact that the characters in this show are navigating through the treacherous world of puberty. What’s so great about the series is its ability to remind you of your own adolescence, as you watch the characters innocently and comedically come to terms with what is happening to their minds and bodies. A highlight of the series is its endless array of relatable musical numbers, specifically the wonderful “Totally Gay / I’m Gay”. If you’re looking for a show that’ll take you back to the days of acne and awkward childhood experiences, this is the show for you.

The Good Place

The Good Place is a series that often explores ideas and themes you wouldn’t even dream of. It takes you on a wild journey, one that you’ll be happy to follow Eleanor, Michael and the rest of the Good Place squad through. As the first season winds down, The Good Place pivots the audience left when they think they’re about to turn right. It’s twist and turns are only outshone by the comedic performances of it’s exceptional cast. Plus, the series is one of only a few that continuously debates the meaning of life and what you have to do in order to end up in “The Good Place” once you die. But don’t just take my word for it, here’s a few more reasons why The Good Place is a must-watch.

Sex Education

Never short of series revolving around sex and intimacy, Netflix’s recently debuted Sex Education is another reminder that their many unexplored facets to the coming-of-age story that we’ve generally seen before. The main character is a high school boy whose mother is a sex therapist, guiding him through life in the most hilarious way possible. Ironically enough, he gets into the ‘sex therapy’ game as well in order to help his newfound friend make enough money to pay her rent. While there’s an endless amount of hilarious encounters, the show has a soft underlying message that addresses issues like poverty and being queer in a touching, albeit hilarious way.

Each of these fantastic series have a quality to them that is hard to match, however, what helps them stand out amongst the sea of television shows on the air right now is the relatable messages and ideals embedded within each story. You’ll constantly find yourself switching between laughter and tears in the span of each scene, something of which not many shows can say the same. Now it’s time to grab some popcorn, kick back and let the binge begin. Trust me, after you’ve finished with this list you’ll be hoping for more.