Channels Festival have announced their program for 2017. This year’s theme ‘futures of’ invites video artists and collaborators to explore their vision of the future and their future selves, in wake of recent events in politics. Over 10 days from 1 September, the festival presents some of the best new contemporary moving images from over 90 Australian and international artists in 14 events – including four new commissioned artworks by Australian women artists.

Highlights of the festival include the Australian Premiere of FutureClown by LA-based artist Rachel Mason, an alternative viewing of the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States.  A solo dance installation from Sydney-based artist Caroline Garcia, called Flygirl, that pays homage to forgotten hip-hop dances of the 90s. And the Australian premiere of A Mountain Close Up is Only Rock, which explores the digital footprint of architect Jørn Utzon by UK artists, Kihlberg and Henry.

New commissions featuring this year include Umma’s Tongue-molten at 6000˚ by Wakka Wakka and Yargel artist Hannah Brontë, which explores the dystopia of modern society. Melbourne-based South Sudanese artist Atong Atem delves into migrant narratives, post-colonial practices and the exploration of self and identity. Kate Geck guides audience members through mindfulness mantras triggered by interactive totems. Apparatus and Technique for Location-based Real-time Tracking and Analysis is a new work by Antoinette J. Citizen which uses data to access and predict patterns of behaviour.

Date: Friday 1 Sep 6PM–8PM
Location: The SUBSTATION

You can find the full program here.