What is the truth? A relevant question in a world of fake news and Real Housewives defending their need to lie as living “their truth.” Now, the San Francisco-based team of artists and designers, Cause Collective want to know hear your answer in their “Truth Booth.”

In the traveling installation, ‘In Search of the Truth’, people are stepping into a recording booth appearing as a giant inflatable speech bubble adorned with the word “truth.” Once inside they are asked to finish the sentence “the truth is…” The responses are then compiled and edited into a video artwork.

After launching at the Galway Arts Festival, Ireland in 2011 the booth has toured the world appearing throughout Ireland, the US, and the Middle East in a notable stop at the Bamiyan Bhudda in Afghanistan, which was destroyed by the Taliban in 2001.

Currently inflated at Sydney’s Hyde Park as part of Art About Sydney participants can share their truth until the 18th of June.