In celebration of its 30th birthday, the Fringe Furniture Festival returns to Melbourne to showcase the works of the most celebrated, upcoming designers of today. At its conception in 1986, the Fringe Furniture Festival acted as a platform for artists to promote their designs and grace them with the recognition that they deserved.

In commemoration of being the longest running event in the Fringe Festival, the Fringe Furniture Festival have called upon designers to reflect on the past years of design and transpose these insights into something contemporary and experimental. Designers are required to embody the ideals of this event, to push boundaries and transcend the abilities of artists before them; to showcase their work, construct a testimony to previous palettes, and provide perspective into future flair.

Applications for the Fringe Furniture Festival run from the 30th of May to the 27th of June, for more information see here.

Melbourne is becoming increasingly renowned for its art and design scene, so in celebration of the Fringe Furniture Festival, it’s time to get to know some of the local famed fabricators that we’re digging at the moment.


Dale HardimanDaleHardiman_BOB-2016_1_1000

Melbourne based designer, and co-founder of furniture brand Dowel Jones, Dale Hardiman is the embodiment of modern and modest. Working with
materials ranging from wood to plastic, Hardiman’s designs feature an unmatched integrity and are heavenly humble in execution. View more of his works here.



Nathan Lawrence

With an essence of Scandinavian influence, Nathan Lawrence is a designer to be watched. His minimalist aesthetic, beautiful woodwork and sharp style that transforms any space into a tasteful exhibition worthy of distinction. For more of his works, see his website here.



Poppy Lane and Scott Gibson

pop and scott
Creators of Pop and Scott, Poppy Lane’s and Scott Gibson’s works are pieces of art in their own right. Coming from backgrounds in floristry and plumbing, respectively, the dynamic duo produce works that invigorate the space with a lavish lushness. Working with both wood and ceramics, Lane and Gibson offer simple, modest, rich and timeless designs. For more of Pop and Scott’s work, see here.


Adam Goodrum

Sydney based designer, Adam Goodrum, has a strong focus in industrial design. His works are hyper-modern, yet exude a traditional indulgence and warmth. His use of colour in his designs allows himself to be recognised as both a designer and an artisan and offers a quirky, yet timeless appearance. For insight into Adam Goodrum’s industrial world, see here.




Get up close and personal to the wonderful creations and their creators as they lead you through the inspiration behind their craft on the Artist Led Tours, or perhaps hone in on your sonic capabilities and opt for the Tactile Tours!

Artist Led Tours 
Sunday 18 Sept, 3pm
Sunday 25 Sept, 3pm
Sunday  2 Oct, 3pm

Tactile Tours
Friday 23 Sept, 1pm
Sunday 25 Sept, 11am

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