You’ve given it two semesters, late-nights, and counselling and you’re still nowhere closer to feeling any sort of chemistry. It’s a hard realisation to swallow especially when you thought it was the one but it’s okay, you’re not alone. And just in case you’re still doubting your shower/late night thoughts, here are the signs to look out for when your university course just isn’t for you.

It’s more a chore than study 

It’s one thing to get into an essay and then after fifteen minutes turn to your phone and scroll through Instagram, but it’s a whole other thing when you rather wash the dishes or exercise than to get started on your essay. Couple this with upcoming deadlines and you have nothing but stress, self-loathing, and embracing the P’s get Degrees way of life.

If you start noticing this, it’d be wise to take a step back and think whether this is some extreme procrastination or a sign that your course just isn’t for you.

You find yourself glancing at other courses more closely 

You may not mean to but during a lecture, you might just find yourself scrolling through different course outlines wondering if another degree is a better fit for you. This might extend into the night when aimless scrolling through Facebook turns into an actual in-depth study into a different course – study that you were supposed to put into your actual degree…

If you leave the tab open to look at later you know it’s time to give the idea of changing degrees proper consideration, or the opportunity to explore your options with a guidance counsellor.

You go to a guidance counsellor for advice 

Speaking of which, these completely free sessions give you the chance to rant, cry, and bitch about your university life. Unlike your friends, these people won’t know anything about you apart from your academic transcript and won’t be biased to a sudden change in course life. In saying that, whatever they may say will probably be blunt and brutal but if the truth is what you need to hear, then a guidance counsellor meeting is what you need.

You just don’t enjoy any of your classes at all 

There are times where we will all sit in class feeling bitter and salty at everything and everyone but you’re there because you want to and need to learn. And then there are the darker times where you feel physically sick of a subject, so much so that it is endlessly bugging you everyday and everywhere. Your degree as a whole just isn’t worth it anymore and all it is to you now is just a waste of time and money. A lot of us don’t enjoy uni but even then we put up with it because of the future and pathways ahead but if you can sit back and admit to yourself that something’s wrong, then it’s time to have a long hard think about what you want and need.

It’s a sinking ship 

You know it’s really bad when you toss up failing the unit instead of actually putting effort into it. And even when you do put in effort, it takes you more than just a few hours to get through a study exercise, online lecture, or reading. It’s not even the fault of procrastination, you just have no interest at all in your units. You just simply don’t enjoy it.

In saying all of this, changing degrees isn’t always the answer. Sometimes you just need a break from university life or the environment of a different university to get you back into the groove of things.