In a way, anything you do with your hands is art.

Tiernan Farrley, Sarah Seminutin and Sam Eyles are three people who in some ways are polar opposites, but prove the point that creativity can be delivered in a multitude of ways. Farrelly is a former industrial metal worker, and a current landscape architect with years of hands on welding and fabricating experiences. Eyles is a visual artist and creative community builder who has been immersed in the Brisbane arts scene for more than ten years. He has set up a variety of creative spaces and projects, throughout Brisbane in this time. Seminutin has worked in event management and hospitality. She is also a student of architecture, and a furniture designer with a passion for sustainability.

Together, the three of them are aiming to develop Bib’n’Brace as an “inclusive and collaborative space of quality artisan practices.” The group used to meet up to chat about their work, and fantasise about how cool it would be to have a co-working space with the atmosphere of an old-scool industrial New York warehouse, a la Andy Warhol’s ‘The Factory.’ After the stars aligned and all three creatives realised that they needed a working space at the same time, they signed a 3 year lease on a 205 square metre warehouse that had a huge potential fro building private studios, exhibition spaces and a workshop. They’ve begun work, but there is still a lot more to do – and that is going to cost moolah.

Basically, the trio is looking for $12000, and they’re doing so through a Pozible campaign. They have said of the project that “we are excited about the journey we are on and have already met amazing people who want to be a part of the space in a variety of ways.  We have two applications for exhibitions later in the year and number of interested parties looking at space for private studio practice, small business enterprise, workshops and possible events… all are related to art, design and making.”

Their seeking the funds in order to put the following things in place:

  • key materials to finish the remaining studios
  • materials to build or install storage areas for artworks, workshop area, tools and makers in residence
  • electrical for new studios and workshop
  • gallery lighting for downstairs exhibitions /events
  • plumbing for event service area
  • fit out for photography dark room
  • dust extraction system for wood/metal workshop
  • a sound system for events

Their almost half way to their goal with just a few short days to go, so get involved to help an awesome cause, and be involved with something that looks set to be a very special meeting point for the creatively minded in Brisbane. Check out all the details on their Pozible campaign here, and follow them on Facebook here.