Brave the cold and warm your soul with the tenth installation of the Gertrude Street Projection Festival coming to Fitzroy this July. The suburb will be awash in colour, during what is shaping up to be GSPF‘s biggest, most vibrant year yet.

Running as a free, community-driven event, Gertrude St has been annually taken over and drenched in colourful multimedia installations since 2008. The festival brings Melbournians outdoors to embrace immersive pieces like projections, light arrangements and intimate video artworks. While embracing the harshest time of the year, the festival annually attracts up to 50,000 attendants to marvel in the visual feast that occupies every nook and cranny along this already bustling street.

Curated by RMIT lecturer Fiona Hillary, 2017’s artists explore theme of Unfurling Futures: the social, political and environmental concerns of our times, and what ignites our collective social imagination“. Hillary’s concept draws on the clash between tradition and progression, and how these factors are leading us toward an unpredictable, possibly multi-faceted future. The festival plans to draw revellers into highly engaging, high-impact pieces that stimulate the festival’s core concepts through its spectacular array of still, and moving images.

From buildings to green spaces, nowhere will be untouched as the festival promises a mesmerising display of colours that soak into surroundings and transform the strip into an outdoor museum.Working these ideas into immersive visual landscapes will be Australian artists Yandell Walton, Ray Thomas, Susan Forrester and Jody Haines, along with veterans of the event Ian de Gruchy, Nick Azidis, Lauren Dunn, Jacob Tolo, Luzena Adams, Rose Staff, Amanda Morgan and Skunk Control. 

Running alongside the free, public light installations will be a ticketed, special events program that includes performances by local DJs, musicians, and dance crews as well as food stands. Hosted by the Festival Hub at The Catfish, and programmed by El Chantry (Melbourne Music Week), these events look to further celebrate the diversity of one of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs.

The visual feast runs daily from 6pm to midnight, from Friday the 21st to Sunday 30th July. Special events are listed below:

Iraamin x Tumi The Be 

Friday 21 July, 8.30PM at The Grace Darling

Heavily influenced by southern style hip-hop, Iraamin‘s music shares a powerful message about the the reality of growing up in a refugee camp in war-torn Burundi, and speaks of his personal struggles and the shortcomings of succumbing to peer pressures.

Wondercore Island and Gertrude St Projection Festival 

Sat 22 October, 7PM at The Catfish 

Recycled dystopian futures’ told through four artists; rising avant-garde electronic producer CORIN with visuals by video artist Tristan Jalleh; and one of the internet’s favourite producer/rappers HTMLflowers featuring visuals by friendships.

Empat Lima 

Sunday 23 July, 6PM at The Catfish

Hypnotised by the garage sounds of the 60’s Asian/Western explosion these girls draw on sounds of psychedelic Thai, traditional Japanese epics and dreamy Indonesian pop to make one balmy night of dancing.

Get all the deets on the GSPF here.