This winter the National Gallery of Victoria is stepping up their programme, with an assortment of new exhibitions, collections and live events ready to be seen and experienced.

With new material on display at both the NGV International on St Kilda Road and Federation Square’s NGV Australia Ian Potter Centre, the next few months are set to be full of captivating programs showcasing home-grown and international art.

Among these are Unplugged Live, a free six-part series of art and music at NGV Australia, featuring live music from ARIA award winner Angie Hart. Following the performance audiences will be treated to a conversation with Australian contemporary artist Kathy Temin, whose work weaves physical painting and sculpture with subliminal abstract concepts.

Also at the Ian Potter Centre this August will be a collection of pieces presenting the work of Australian Female Artists from the 1930s. With a particular focus on the mark left by these women in history, the exhibition will feature work by Moya Dyring, Ethel Spowers and Lina Bryans. Accompanying the array of artwork as a speaker will be author, art historian and curator Dr Janine Burke, an Honorary Senior Fellow at the Victorian College of the Arts.

On the docket at the NGV International, next month will be a discussion about one of the most famous images in Asian Art History, The Great Wave of Kanagawa created by acclaimed artist, Katsushika Hokusai. The NGV’s Curator of Asian Art, Wayne Crothers will bring years of research and curatorship in Australia and Japan to the table, using the celebrated woodblock print to dive into the culture and history behind it. Joining Crothers, Swinburne University’s Richard Manasseh will draw on his own research as a mechanical engineer with a PhD specialising in fluid dynamics to offer his own take on the wave as a visual symbol of the role of the ocean in Japanese culture. 

The NGV International will also be presenting an Artist Talk hosted by American artist Joel-Peter Witkin, whose work interrogates ideas of human existence by way of visually exploring a series of diverse subjects. These figures, which include Donald Trump and Adam and Eve, act as prisms through which we view concepts and realities such as sexuality, religion, death and deformity. 

Check out the details below.

Unplugged Live – Sun 23 July, 2pm, NGV Australia, bookings not required, capacity limited, FREE.

Dive in and learn about the influences of famous woodblock print: The great wave of Kanagawa – Sun 6 August, 11 am, NGV International, bookings not required, fees apply.

The role of 1930s female artists in Australian history – Sun 6 August, 2pm, NGV Australia, bookings not required, fees apply.

American artist Joel-Peter Witkin’s exploration of human existence through art with an intimate artist talk – Sat 5 August, 2pm, NGV International, bookings essential, FREE. 

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