Virtual Reality has caused a lot of stir and excitement in the past few years, and the hype is continuing to grow. VR is any technology that allows the elimination of any distractions with opacity, which then replaces as many of the senses of the user as possible, by pulling you into a virtual world. This technology has proven to be quite versatile with it being used in areas like education, medicine, architecture and of course gaming.  

Since it first came into play it has improved massively and is starting to live up to expectations. It looks set to have a massive impact on the future of gaming, and the virtual reality industry is set to be worth $28.3 billion by 2020.

To start with, VR is able to provide a completely new experience in the gaming world, and wearing a VR headset really lets a player be immersed in the game and almost transports them to another world. This changes the whole gaming experience and makes the player feel a part of the game, and really connected to it. VR means that playing a game no longer involves just sitting in front of a screen and pressing buttons on a controller; it creates a much more personal and immersive experience.

Some of the virtual reality games out there are already providing a whole new experience like Crytek’s The Climb, which can be played with the Oculus Rift headset, and many developers are now climbing on the success of such games and trying to produce even better content. We are starting to see major improvements in the quality of what is being offered. As well as the Oculus Rift there are now several headsets available such as the HTC Vive, Playstation VR, Google Cardboard and 3SIXT.

A very exciting advancement that VR will bring about is the introduction of standalone VR headsets which will mean there will be no need for a console or a device. It is likely this will also be able to be used to create a social VR experience, by connecting headsets to others.

VR developers are also trying to work with horror filmmakers to create horror games where the player would be able to not only immerse themselves in the story of the game but also the setting, which would enhance the experience so much. It is just a matter of time before we see movie and game producers collaborating to produce some really exciting and intense gaming experiences.

Furthermore, VR is starting to change all genres within the gaming world, and this includes the online casino industry. However, it has to be done correctly for it to take over and become a stand out feature in the industry. Developers have to make sure that the content is really gripping, with amazing graphics. Players need to be able to feel as though they are transported into the heart of the game, and completely immersed in it.