This February sees the return of The Walking Dead for the second part of season 7. To celebrate its long awaited return, we are taking a look at the recent motorbike documentary series by regular cast member Norman Reedus as well as two other motorbike documentaries that will have you longing to hit the open road on two wheels.

Ride With Reedus

Norman Reedus’ The Walking Dead character Daryl Dixon is known for his motorbike skills in the hit show. In June 2016 Reedus released the first season of a show that followed him as he travelled across the USA on two wheels. The show gave viewers a look into the life of one of TV’s biggest stars and his love of riding. In an interview with AMC he told them that he was excited to share his love of bikes with viewers. “Hopefully the viewer will feel like they’re on the ride with us. That’s our goal. It makes for a lot of fun.” The show has been renewed for a second season and will be out later this year on AMC UK.

Long Way Round/ Long Way Down

In 2004 actor Ewan McGregor and his best friend Charlie Boorman rode from London to New York, the long way around the world. They travelled through central Europe, Russia, Mongolia, Siberia, and Canada, and documented their extraordinary journey on camera. In a 2004 interview with Wanderlust Travel Magazine, McGregor said that what made their travel documentary unique, and also hard, was that they wanted to make it their way with minimal crew. For most of the trip they were accompanied by one cameraman who travelled with them with a small support crew in tow. The show follows them as they meet new people, and overcome challenges and crashes to finally make it to New York. In 2007 they completed another trip called the Long Way Down from Scotland to South Africa. The second show is even more poignant today as they show a Libya before the country erupted into civil war.

Beckham into the Unknown

We are so used to encountering brand Beckham that we sometimes forget the man. Beckham into the Unknown not only puts football’s biggest star in the middle of the Amazon rainforest it reveals to us the real David Beckham. Since Beckham announced his retirement in 2013 after over 700 professional appearances, a feat that was celebrated by football website Betfair in their article on Beckham and his five standout moments from his career, he has tried to break away from the pampered stereotype that surrounds him. Riding on a Triumph Bonneville the star encountered people who had never heard of him or his football career. The documentary is not just about watching one of the world’s most famous figures deal with the troubles of travelling, it is a look at a man of his fame breaking free from the restraints of his media driven life.