Have you ever destroyed a pen from clicking it too much? Annoyed a coworker by incessantly tapping on the desk? Popped every bubble on a sheet of bubble wrap, just for the sake of it? The Fidget Cube might be exactly what you need!

Inventors Matthew and Mark McLachlan have created the product to help accommodate excessive fidgeting at school, in the workplace, and in day to day life. It has six sides with different fidgeting tools; a joystick, tactile gears and a rolling ball, a rotating dial, three clicking buttons, a switch that flicks back and forth, and an inbuilt worry stone.

They call these six sides Click, Glide, Flip, Breathe, Roll, and Spin.

The creators reference numerous studies pointing to the benefits of fidgeting. Their conclusion? Fidgeting increases concentration and keeps the mind from wandering – having a minor distraction can actually boost productivity by giving the mind a break, and making it easier to pay attention to the task at hand. The inventors of The Fidget Cube wish to break the stigma of fidgeting and normalise it, giving people a subtle way to satisfy their urge.

They still have 40 days left on their Kickstarter, and The Fidget Cube has smashed the $15,000 goal, raking in nothing short of $1,095,257 as of today from more than 29,000 backers. The simplicity of the invention, and the necessity of something like it for so many fidgety people, goes a long way to explaining why it has been such a runaway success. The huge market response is a result of Matthew and Mark making something a lot of people want readily available. No longer will we need to play with blobs of blu-tack, or tear up little bits of paper!

With the Fidget Cube, one of the most common problems of daily life is overcome for just $19 – it’s inventions like this that in their own very small way, can change people’s lives.

Track the Kickstarter progress, or perhaps purchase one for yourself, HERE