From the business world to politics, technology and sports: women around the world are stepping up and leading the way to inspire the future generation of female success.


Girl Geek Academy are a team of digital professionals who curate programs to build up women in areas of tech, gaming, business, design and more. Sarah Moran is the CEO of Girl Geek Academy and says the goal is to encourage women to step up and motivate them to “take the opportunity”.


When it comes to sports, WBBL and AFLW are leading examples of how important representation is. Australian sportswomen are stepping up despite the ridiculous wage differences to male players as Cricket Australia announced they will be streaming all 47 WBBL matches on their website. Although it pales in comparison to commercial coverage, it is still inspiring to watch these athletes push through barriers to create hope and inspiration for sportspeople to come. AFLW has had big success in drawing ratings across the season, proving that women undeniably have a place in Australian sports and viewers are here to watch.


Women around the world continue to fight the good fight for representation in politics. The Forbes ‘World’s 100 Most Powerful Women’ list for 2016 found three of the top five to be in politics. While there is still a long way to go for women in politics to have a louder voice, especially in Australia, these ladies are taking steps in the right direction and continue to inspire hope for change.


Streat is a social enterprise based in Melbourne, co-founded by Bec Scott (CEO), that looks to work with marginalised youth to provide them support and tackle youth homelessness. Originally from a science background working for the CSIRO, she has taken a left turn and put her drive and passion toward building Streat up to what it is today.


Dr. Elaine Saunders is the pioneer behind the hearing aid and telehealth company, Blamey Saunders, which offers affordable and easy-to-use hearing aid devices as well as offering unlimited online and phone support. Dr. Saunders is the CEO and co-founder of the company, and has over 40 years of experience in hearing research and innovation.


Business can be a daunting world to step into, especially when it comes to raising finances. Charlotte Petris has recognised this and in response, founded Timelio to make it easier for budding entrepreneurs to invoice finance.

Across a wide range of fields, women are continually proving their excellence and motivating others to follow suit. Bec Scott (STREAT), Dr. Elaine Saunders (Blamey Saunders) and Charlotte Petris (Timelio) will come together on May 2nd for Women Entrepreneurs: Changing The World – an inspiring panel and networking opportunity that delves into how these women have changed the landscape in which they work. The event will take place as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week.

These ladies have all stepped up in their respective fields (or taken on a new field, as with Bec Scott) and are leading examples of the many ways women can push for change.