Let’s stop for a moment to talk about The Archies –– anyone who is a ‘90s kid would definitely know what I’m talking about –– I mean we basically grew up devouring their comics (sometimes even past bedtime). Ah, the memories that came with.

The Archies were perhaps the most popular animated bubblegum pop band in the late ’60s, with a cartoon that aired every Saturday morning and one chart-topping single, ‘Sugar Sugar‘. Here we are, nearly 50 years since ‘Sugar Sugar’ hit the charts and we’re finally getting something more than just a half-heartedly thrown together Archies compilation. While most of the albums are probably easy to find in thrift stores around the U.S., Goldentone did people who want all the albums in one handy place a favor with the release of 2016’s Sugar, Sugar: The Complete Albums Collection.

In fact, the complete album takes The Archies seriously and serves them up in style with five EP reproductions of each of their albums, all housed in a clamshell box with a booklet featuring liner notes, info, pictures and all the fun things you’d want in a box set devoted to die-hard Archie fans. With songs written by big shots like Jeff Barry and Andy Kim, the smooth vocals of Ron Dante, and a cadre of talented studio musicians helping guide the way; The Archies weren’t only popular, they made a lot of good records too. Released in 1968, it was the epitome of the fun with songs about teen love, dancing, grooving, and having a good time. Or rather, as what youths nowadays would call it, “Lit!”  50 years later, The Archies are still endearing. They are after all, one of the most successful non-existent garage rock bands in Pop history.

Be right back –– I’m going to hit the replay button on ‘Sugar Sugar’ until I’m absolutely sick of it.