The annual Officeworks run just got a whole lot shorter with the Everlast Notebook from Team RocketbookIt may seem too good to be true but the Everlast Notebook will be the first and last notebook you’ll ever need with its futuristic design allowing you to take pictures of your notes, store it online, and send it anywhere you want. But it doesn’t end there because you can erase your notes quick and easy and re-use the page to your hearty content with no smudge marks or creases from intense erasing.

So how does it work? Looking and feeling like a traditional notebook, every page is fitted with a special QR Code and seven symbols at the bottom of the page. Customised to your every need and want, each assigned symbol connects to your destination of choice like Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, iCloud and Slack.  At your instant touch, the free Rocketbook app scans and crops your notes with excellent image processing that enhances each page for the best possible image quality. For those still sceptical, the QR code will tell the Rocketbook app the page number of each scan so your notes will never be out of order ever again.


But just in case you still enjoy wandering through Officeworks, you will need to pick up a compatible erasable pen from the Pilot FriXion line but it’s no biggie and you probably already have one somewhere. One of these pens on an Everlast Notebook page will mean no more smudging but just add water and your notes erase quick and easy.

Order the crowdfunded goodie here for a year of uni that’ll make note-taking and group assignments easier than ever before.