As you’re well aware, we live in a very noisy world. Whether it’s at home, at a cafe or in the workplace, we are constantly surrounded by an unrelenting wall of sound pollution; cars whooshing past, machinery churning away, people stomping around upstairs. It seems in this day and age, we can hardly escape the onslaught to our aural sense. Every now and then, we could all use a little silence. After all, silence is golden.

Startup company Celestial Tribe have delivered the world with the gift of silence, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. Muzo, the new product developed by the company, is a smart device which creates your very own comfortable zone of silence. Muzo is an acoustic device which uses ‘Anti-Vibration’ technology to create a smooth surface that stops surrounding objects from vibrating, which in turn depletes disruptive noise associated with vibrations. In addition to creating soundscapes around you using the oscillations of mass instead of that in the air, Muzo simulates sound which is so vivid that you don’t even notice it blending into the background. It’s the first technology which actively prevents objects from vibrating in order to minimise unwanted disturbances around you and replaces this intrusion with more natural atmospherics.

Muzo has three different modes which allow you to meticulously control the mood around you. The ‘Serenity’ mode creates a silent space. The ‘Sleep’ mode allows you to achieve better sleep quality through soundscape creation to guide you through rapid eye movement sleep. The ‘Secret’ mode creates sound masking around you, protecting your privacy of speech. Muzo is possibly the first invention that allows you to truly control the atmosphere of the world. In addition to all of this, Muzo can analyse sleep quality, and monitor surrounding noises.

With this tiny piece of groundbreaking technology, the noise-polluted world we live in can finally be brought under control, with the mere touch of a button. Welcome to your personal zone.