In 2006, a group of mates got together to share skateboarding tips and tricks, eventually coming up with the idea for the Elos Skateboard. This unique board is inspired by the design of race cars and provides stability at high speeds as well as the ability to handle sharp turns thanks to the consideration of the principles of leverage.

The board’s super wide deck is said to work like the steering wheel of a race car, giving you total control of your turns. The leverage effect works alongside the racecar design allowing tight turns and stability no matter how fast you’re cruising. It’s super portable too, being about the size of a backpack.

Knowing that skateboards are prone to damage, the team behind the Elos Board have made sure the nose and tail are protected with solid metal to ensure a long lasting board. The Elos Board is also free of the standard sandpaper grip tape which tends to wear out shoes and clothes. The Elos Board instead comes equipt with a foot anchor which is said to increase traction and provide tactile feedback. It’s been a 10-year process from the first design to the product they’re supplying today, so it’s fair to say the Elos team knows their stuff.

The board even comes with a unique QR on the bottom for one-click customer support. Best of all, it’s really easy to get the hang of. The Elos team have said that within just 5 minutes and some quick tips that most people, even children, can learn how to ride in a flash.

Their Kickstarter campaign still has a while to go, so if you’d like to support the team or grab a board of your own (for $129 US), head here.

Happy riding!