With Melbourne Knowledge Week fast approaching, we perused Kickstarter to showcase some of the coolest startups Australia has to offer. From reusable food wrap to a super-portable bike tool bag, Aussie’s have got some of the coolest ideas and technologies.

Agreena Wrap

Mel had been frustrated about the amount of waste she was creating with the use of traditional cling wraps, foils, and baking papers. It wasn’t until she was playing with a sheet of rubber that she came up with the genius idea for Agreena Wrap.

Agreena Wrap can be used to wrap, seal, and bake on – replacing all your wrap, paper, and foil needs with a single product. And the best part? It can be reused 1,000s of times – provided you clean and care for it correctly.

In true startup fashion, Mel has gone from just herself to a small team – but with no funding body. You can head to Kickstarter now to back up the project and get yourself a four pack of wraps for just $25. And keep your eyes peeled for future projects!

Progress Recorder app

A startup with a difference – Scott is aiming to make the lives of those with movement disorders easier to manage. The Progress Recorder app can record and track hand coordination so that sufferers can keep track of their condition. The user draws a spiral on the app, either with their finger or a stylus, and can include any significant notes about the day (regarding sleep, diet, exercise, etc).

Scott, the guy behind the whole thing, definitely knows what he’s doing thanks to education and experience. With a Masters Degree in Art and Design with a focus on Brain Gene Ontology Visualisation, Scott dreams to get the app to a more professional level that enables in-depth patient and specialist engagement. This kind of thinking in startup businesses could revolutionalise the way those with movement disorders receive and manage care.

You can pledge $20 on Kickstarter now to get your own copy of the Progress Recorder app once it’s complete or simply contribute $10.

CONDUIT Sports – Dynamic Bone Conducting Headphones

In the ever-changing world of headphone technology, standing out is a must. Sydney startup CONDUIT Sports have hit the nail on the head with their Dynamic Bone Conducting Headphones.

Bone conduction is an innovative yet somewhat underused technology in the listening world of the traditional earphone favouring market. CONDUIT have combined both technologies for a versatile piece of technology that allows you chose between an off-ear or in-ear experience – giving you the power to block out the world around you or to hear everything all at once. On top of that, you’ve got wireless and Bluetooth capabilities.

If you pledge on Kickstarter now for $76 or more you can get your own pair – that’s  60% off retail price.

EP Charger

This is seriously cool. Charles Liu, a Perth cyclist, regularly rides at night and was looking for a more financially viable solution to his safety light batteries draining too quickly. If you ride a lot, it can end up being pretty costly over a long period of time. So he just went ahead and built a device that would keep not only his safety lights charged but his phone, too!

There’s already existing technology (the dynamo system) to keep your lights charged, but Liu notes that it is bulky, hard to install, and lacks enough power. The EP Charger is easy to install, comes with 2 USB ports, and is waterproof.

Check out the prototype images as well as Charle’s journey on the Kickstarter page. While you’re at it, you can pledge $250 to get one of your own.

The Stash Pad

Aussies sure love their cycling tech.

Justrideit & Zulu Fixed are two bicycle product startups who have come together to make The Stash Pad. The small carry bag/frame protector acts as a handy little storage pouch for the serious cyclist’s tools – with enough room left over to store your phone and your myki.

The Stash Pad eliminates the need to bring a bulky backpack which can weigh you down, whilst also giving you the peace of mind that comes with having your valuables right on you, as well as any tools you might need if you suffer a mishap such as a tyre puncture. The product material itself is waterproof and friction/wear resistant – as well as pressure absorbing to prevent damage to your bike frame.

Head over to Kickstarter to grab your own for $40.


Is it your dream to head a Startup? Did these 5 sweet Kickstarters get you inspired? Melbourne Knowledge Week has got you covered with their startup events. Some of the events are already booked out, so make sure you get in quick!