Experimental, bold and gloriously expansive, this debut EP from Brisbane’s Zannah is one of the most untethered statements to come out of Australia in recent memory.

Being formally released on April 6th, the EP, fittingly titled ‘The Promised Land’, celebrates a range of multicultural inspirations. We have the Irish folk influence with the inclusion of the Celtic Bodhran and various vocal inflections, Persian jazz can also be seen in the symphonic and brushy percussion in some tracks and a little bit of Spanish can be heard in the flamenco guitars and the fact that a couple tracks are completely sung in that language. Not to mention the inclusion of a range of instruments and stylings adapted from India to Iceland, celebrating in the intersectionality of a grand scope of tradition. This wild range of influences are not simply presented in order to obtain nods of approval from the music going public – Zannah is skilful and passionate in her execution of these homages.

It could be described as an adventurous journey into the love of the world’s music in only seven tracks. our guiding force throughout is Zannah‘s passion and striking character. She completes the mammoth task of illustrating a range of emotion, from menace to fear and ideas relating to tragedy and success, all the while retaining a strong understanding of who she is.

‘The Promised Land’ sonically evaluates a sublime alternate universe where everything is dramatic, precious and worth fighting for. It’s a place where cultures intersect and meet to share ideas and get excited about each other’s uniqueness. Zannah has presented her unique vision in a way that takes us through emotional highs and lows with continuous precision and surprise.

Zannah will be launching ‘The Promised Land’ at the Queensland Multicultural Centre. The EP will be released this Friday, April 6th.