“For me it’s about breaking the rules”

To many, murky alleyways and dimly lit side streets aren’t the first places that come to mind when searching for artistic inspiration. Anna Polyviou, on the other hand, has been seeking out such locations for the best part of two decades, channelling her love for urban culture into her food, to mesmerising results.

The self-proclaimed ‘trouble-making’ executive pastry chef is the cornerstone of Sydney’s iconic Shangri-La dessert output, creating her own brand of cheeky, mouthwatering delights. If you think Anna if a familiar face, you’re quite right; the acclaimed food-artist was responsible for unleashing this magnificent creation (the aptly titled ‘Anna’s Mess’) on Masterchef Contestants in 2015.

Urban environments have inspired Anna throughout her professional career, outputted through her love for food and contemporary design. Check out how Anna has incorporated her love for contemporary urban environments with her passion for stunning food.

Because Anna Polyviou has already thought of all the ‘good’ kitchen tool ideas, we thought we’d offer some alternate ones that we’d like to have in our arsenal.

Six kitchen tools we wish existed:

An egg timer that can only be set for four minutes in which the entirety of ‘4 Minutes – Madonna ft Justin Timberlake’ plays.

“Well don’t waste time/Give me a sign”

A refrigerator with an elaborate locking system that activates after midnight to quell post-booze snacking

The calories still count, even if you don’t remember.

A toaster that screams agonisingly louder and more violent as your toast begins to burn more and more

No more charcoal.

Ariana Grande coffee machine that exclusively churns out 16oz coffees

Venti is twenty

A colander that specifically sieves out the sultanas and nuts in your trail mix, leaving you only gloriously delicious M n Ms

Obstacles no more.

A reverse microwave that turns beer from room temp to perfectly chilled in a matter of seconds

Ice cold beers – stat. This is (not) England.