Who doesn’t love bowling? The jump-for-joy feeling of getting a strike, the bitter sense of embarrassment from that un-ironic gutter ball, and maybe for some of us, that time our parents forced us to use the bumpers and ramp in front of the cooler, older players. The Dude in The Big Lebowski loves it, so does Homer Simpson and the whole cast of Grease 2.

So yeah, bowling is awesome, but is it an appropriate activity for a date? 

Point 1: Alcohol

For most of us, whether on a first date or one of many, alcohol remains a staple of the familiarisation process. The convenience of a bar adds a whole new dynamic to bowling in terms of skill-level (it can be hard to bowl straight while pissed, after all) while simultaneously helping to alleviate any awkwardness. Bowling alley bars are surprisingly well stocked. I wouldn’t bank on an elaborate cocktail, but I would bank on a solid selection of house wines, spirits, and if you’re lucky, maybe even beer on tap; everything you need to calm your nerves and excuse your low score.

Point 2: Dress-code

Somehow, the menial act of removing your footwear together, putting on those stiff shiny shoes, and joking about whose feet have been there previously puts you on the same level and is a strangely intimate experience. Make sure you take care with your shoe etiquette though, failure to hand your shoes back to the desk may lead to unanticipated judgements from your date or the alley staff.

Point 3: Competitiveness

We all like to win, some more than others, but it may be a good idea to tone down the competitiveness you’d openly, and obnoxiously share with your immediate friendship group. It’s good to be yourself, but no one likes a wanker. I mean if you’re trying to win (like really really trying), you’re probably more invested in your next roll than strategically using your time in-between bowls to get to know your date/bowling partner. Bowling is actually a pretty good way to keep awkward silences at bay; in the event that you do run out of things to talk about, you can always make reference to your partner’s amazing strike or the hilarity of your continuous gutter balls.

Point 4: Food

Lucky for you bowling alleys seem to be alarmingly aware of people’s need to eat. On the menu you’ll find logs of meat in white bread (hot-dogs), potato of the fried variety (chips), and for the lovers of international cuisine, possibly even pizza. Deals can be found at the click of a Google search, or for the primitives out there, in your local paper.

So if you like food, fun, and memories that will last a lifetime, why not take that lukewarm Tinder match to the local bowling alley? If you want to take your date bowling, grab a discount on AMF passes using your Speaker TV AMPLIFIED membership, with our exclusive unique offer here.