You probably spend way too much time on social media scrolling through endless selfies and pictures of the same thing from different angles. If you’re searching for something new, fun and weird to follow, then these artists may just be your answer.

1. Emma Louise (@emmalouisemusic)

Australian singer-songwriter Emma Louise oscillates between sneak peaks of her own music, artworks that she’s created and just to mix it up a bit, the odd hilarious video of her doing who knows what! From bad drunk haircuts, to embarrassing childhood pics, to made up scenes acted out with her dog Scout, it’s quite evident Instagram is a dumping ground for the singer’s quirkiness and good humour.

Dad’s daily heart test

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2. Matty Healy (@trumanblack)

While The 1975’s music speaks mostly about the interrelationship between music, the arts, drugs and sex, it’s fair to say that the band’s frontman Matty Healy does not take himself all that seriously at all. In fact, his account displays an almost garish aesthetic, boasting the singer’s funky personality, whilst also weaving in pics of random poetic scribbles and a behind-the-scene look at touring life.


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3. FKA Twigs (@fkatwigs)

You can rely on FKA Twigs to accompany her wildly inventive, experimental R&B with killer, mind-bending visuals and she often ‘grams art produced by artists she admires, offering an insight into her source of inspiration. And apparently, that inspiration is offered by aliens peering out of compact mirrors, closeups of pierced flowers and strange human robotic figures. Her brilliantly weird music is starting to make sense now.

no face.

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4. Montaigne (@actualmontaigne)

Montaigne is one of Australia’s most exciting talents and her online presence does her no harm either. Her Instagram posts range from fun live show photos, recommendations to other great music, comedy, podcasts and fashion, and the odd post accompanied by a long, but insightful caption. And it doesn’t stop there, the singer-songwriter also runs a second account dedicated to all the vegan food she eats while on the road (@nomtaigne) – both delicious-looking and environmentally friendly stuff. Also what a pun.

5. Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus)

If there is a more random account on Instagram we’d like to see it. It won’t take much scrolling to find images where the ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer has photoshopped herself into various memes, played around with snapchat filters and posted hilarious photos of herself when she was younger. And if that’s not enough, she posts dog pics too.

@liamhemsworth & I wish you a VERY loveyyyyy V-Day ❤️🌹💋

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6. Michelle Grace Hunder (@michelleghunder)

Michelle Grace Hunder is an independent Australian photographer and her Instagram is full of cool and colourful pics from live music gigs, and aesthetically pleasing portraits. Her most recent project ‘Her Sound, Her Story‘, which celebrates Aussie women in music, is definitely worth checking out as well.

Part 2 – This year I’ve decided to test myself in the studio, it’s way out of my natural comfort zone, I’m much more at home with natural light. But it’s about going away from what I find easy. This shoot was a pretty epic colored LED set up. At some stages I had between 5-7 lights going – this is all in camera and the effect was pretty awesome. Our incredible makeup artists owns some traditional jewelry (Kuchki & Tukoman from Afghanistan and Pakistan) so we teamed them with some striking streetwear looks which made an unusual but awesome combination. Model : @iffylatisha HMUA/ Jewelry : @alchemymakeupartistry Styling : @everyday_like_this Photography : Me #fashion #photography #studiophotography #ledlights #colouredlights #michellegracehunder #model #girlstothefront

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7. Tuka (@willrap4tuka)

Thundamentals rapper, Tuka, shows off his energetic and cheeky character on his Instagram account and it is definitely something to get around. His posts range from life on tour with Thundamentals, to big-grinning selfies and the odd meme thrown in. Also, did I mention he also promotes a cat squad hashtag (#CatSquad) for sharing pictures of cats?