Melbourne Knowledge Week is inviting people from all over Victoria and Australia to expand their minds with a colourful and diverse program. A week that will be full of innovative and creative ideas, Melbourne Knowledge Week will feature panels with industry leaders, demonstrations of cutting edge technology, and solutions to adapt humanity to a rapidly changing future. The festival hub will be located at The State Library of Victoria and over 80 events will take place, designed to enlighten and inspire; blending art, food, technology, business and science all while exploring the future of our city of Melbourne, and the world at large.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) And The Future Of Work

As we progress into a society dominated by technology, artificial intelligence is on the rise. This leads to some difficult questions we have to ask ourselves as a society – how far will we let artificial intelligence (AI) go? As more and more jobs become automated, we have to ask ourselves – what happens to the worker when every job can be done by a computer? Tim Dunlop, Dr. Veronica Sheen and Alexar Pendahteh will host this discussion as to how automation will affect employment, and what the outcome will be for society as a whole. This is a free event, but it is filling up fast, so you’re best to reserve your tickets here. 

Date Night With A Leader – Talking That Good F Word

Industry leaders will be meeting for this discussion which will delve into one of our greatest shared fears – the fair of failure. During this talk, attendees will learn about how industry and community leaders have faced failure, and the ways in which they turned those failures into triumphs. The bar will be open from 5:30 PM, and this event will serve as a chance to laugh at the concept of failure, while learning to see it in a new, more positive light. This event is also free, but filling up fast, so if you’re interested, you can book online here. 

Utopian Foods

This event will address a vital, yet regularly overlooked question about the future of humans on this planet – what will our food look like in 50 years? With decreasing resources and rapidly advancing technology, it is undoubtable that our eating habits will be evolving at a dizzying pace in the decades to come. This five course meal which runs at $150 will invite people to taste the future with an interactive dinner party. Exploring flavours that soak in biodiversity and utilise unique ingredients which reference the past and future of food. Book your table here. 

Modern Confidential: Digital Privacy Today

The concept of personal privacy in the digital age is becoming further and further detached from reality. It is quickly becoming difficult to assume that anything we share online is truly safe. We all share our data online, and this information is coveted by Governments and businesses alike. Should we be concerned about our privacy in the modern era? The event will feature talks from Computing and Information Systems researcher Vanessa Teague (University of Melbourne), tech security strategist Rachael Falk (auDA) and employment and industrial relations lawyer Josh Bornstein (Maurice Blackburn). They will be discussing privacy in our day and age, including how to defend your privacy online, the philosophical implications of privacy, cryptography, social media and more. Book here. 

With workshops, demonstrations, forums, presentations and so much more on offer, Melbourne Knowledge Week is giving attendees a versatile and dynamic program, with something for everyone with a keen mind to enjoy. Check out the amazing array of happenings as part of the Melbourne Knowledge Week program here. There are quite a few events which are free, but they are filling up fast, so don’t forget to reserve a seat for anything you’re interested, and get ready to activate and open your mind.