Prepare to redefine your Snapchat and insta game with this cutting edge design from California tech company FlowMotion Technologies.

Conceived after being constantly frustrated with the shaky video smartphones dish out, FlowMotion has brought to the table the solution:

“It’s hard to capture smooth video with your smartphone, we’ve all been there. You think you captured the perfect moment, but it ends up as a crappy memory. We’re FlowMotion and as adventurers, travellers and techies, we believe that great moments should be captured in the best possible way. That’s why we made FlowMotion™ ONE – the world’s most versatile smartphone stabilizer.”
Clearly, people around the world are as keen on this as we are, as the Kickstarter campaign has completely obliterated it’s goal of 30k (to the tune of 300,000k + at the point of writing).

Not only does the stabilizer help you capture rad footage, it also helps you snag awesome panoramas. On top of all this, FlowMotion also provides an app to provide the assist on your A grade shooting game.

Snap one up at a highly discounted price before the Kickstarter finishes up early Jan!