With just over a week left of his presidency, Barack Obama will be looking forward to a chill retirement in D. C’s Kalorama neighbourhood. But what will he do? Jokingly dropping hints of his next big gig, President Obama said, “I’m still waiting for my job at Spotify…Cos’ I know y’all loved my playlist”.

With so few in U.S presidential history ever being able to pull off such a sentence, Spotify CEO, Daniel EK tweeted, “I heard you were interested in a role at Spotify”. The groovy job requires, “at least eight years’ experience running a highly-regarded nation” and having “good relationships with a wide range of artists and musicians”.  Having Kendrick Lamar perform at his 55th birthday bash is definitely a huge advantage.

And yet, being President of Playlists isn’t the only job President Obama would smash as he bids a final farewell to the White House Life.

Barack the rapper

If you haven’t seen it already, late-night show host Jimmy Fallon and President Obama slow-jammed his eight-year legacy and accomplishments. It wasn’t just heart-warming, it hit you right in the feels you didn’t know you could ever have for a U.S President. If slow jammin’ was enough to create such a Twitter storm, imagine a number one rap hit. Or listen to this expertly chopped clip of President Obama rapping Sexy and I Know It for a potential snapshot of the future.

Science Man

We all know how good the president is with children. Combine that with his appreciation and encouragement of the sciences and you have the White House Science Fair. In 2010, the first ever Science Fair took over the White House to showcase America’s most innovative science students. With such a legacy, President Obama could see himself spending his newfound freedom creating even more opportunities for the next generation of scientists and even dabbling in the sciences himself.

Party Host

With friends like John Legend, Jerry Seinfield and Tom Hanks stumbling out of the White House at 3 in the morning, you know it must have been one helluva night. The President and First Lady hosted their final party at the White House, inviting all their A-List friends for their going-away party. What would have been an emotional night was also captured in Instagram uploads as night of celebration and good vibes. The latter being something the president has always been known for. With such experience under his belt, Obama could easily slide into the events business.

Pro Baller/Golfer

After adapting the White House tennis court into a basketball court, there is no doubting how much the baller in chief loves the game. With ESPN even airing Obama filling out a giant board for his pick-by-pick logic for the season, the outgoing president could become a great commentator of the game. We all know we’d love his courtside commentary.

But if running up and down the court seems like too much, President Obama could easily turn to his other love of golfing. With 300 rounds while in office, he’s definitely got all the experience under his belt.

Literally anything with Joe Biden

Serving their country together for eight years, Vice President Joe Biden and his front man are probably the most beloved political duo of the century. With handmade friendship bracelets, ice-cream dates and surprise birthday cupcakes, the two are the ultimate friendship goals. They could go into business together or become a powerful force in the golfing world. No matter what they choose, it’s guaranteed to have a dedicated following.

Whatever it is, we wish the coolest and kindest U.S President all the best on his next adventure.

Mic drop.