The queens on this season of Rupaul’s Drag Race brought some of the most sickening lewks that have ever graced our screens; so many that it was almost impossible to cut them down to just a top ten. Almost impossible. We’ve scoured through every episode, ranked every look, spent endless tortured nights brawling over which looks will triumph over the other, and applied some very complicated mathematical skills to produce our OFFICIAL top ten looks. Yes, we definitely did all that. Totally didn’t just decide the results on a whim. We took this job very seriously.

That said, here are the top ten looks of Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 11, in no particular order.

From left to right: Plastique Tiara, Brooke Lynn Hytes, A’Keria C. Davenport; Picture credit: VH1

1. Plastique Tiara’s, Farm to Runway look.

The fashion harvest is bountiful in this lewk. Constructed out of berries, bark and burlap sack, Plastique’s farm inspired look was stunning. Looking like an autumn forest nymph, the delicate styling and intricate construction of this garment was utterly breath-taking.

2. Brooke Lynn Hytes, Orange Alert look.

Strutting in straight from the streets of Fifth Element, Brooke Lynn Hytes’s strappy orange look was everything. Paired with a high-collar, floor-length, transparent plastic coat, her futuristic, effortlessly cool outfit had the judges gagging. Her attitude not only sold the garment but sold us on her being a front-runner for the competition.

3. A’Keria C. Davenport, Gold look.

Looking like mama Ru herself in this gold glittery gown. A’keria drifted down the runway like a goddess who’d floated down from the clouds to gift humanity with her beauty. Showing pageant queens everywhere how it’s done, this mesmerising dress had the extra flair of gold encrusted feathers dripping off the bottom of her gown in a mermaid-style cut which complimented her curves perfectly.


From left to right: Yvie Oddly, Nina West, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo. Photo credit: VH1

4. Yvie Oddly, Best Drag look.

Oddly elegant even with three eyes…and three fingers…and three breasts. Bringing alien style eleganza, Yvie Oddly looked like the ambassador of the universe attending some galactic dinner party hosted in her honour. Though chastised during her season for only being able to bring the kooky and never the glam, Yvie showed up everyone with her best drag and showed how she elevates beauty in her unique way.

5. Nina West, Face-kini look.

Serving chicken-pox realness, but in a sexy way. Nina West’s face-kini look was a perfect ode to Leigh Bowery – an Australian performance artist and fashion icon who popularised the face-kini look and inspired this challenge. On the surface, a very clean and simple suit but underneath an odd-ball, pattern of bold red polka dots spreading up to cover her whole head. Nina West’s campy style is infectiously joyous and this sickening look was drop-dead fabulous.

6. Vanessa Vanji Mateo, Zodiac look.

Who could turn a simple measurement appliance into fashion? Vanjie, that’s who. Vanjie showed off her creative libra ways and turned her star-sign into a gorgeous gown, topped off with beautifully extravagant, rose adorned scales perched upon her head. Her serene presentation on the runway as she plucked flowers from her scales and scattered them across the runway only added to her exquisiteness and really tipped the scales in her direction.


From left to right: Shuga Cain, Nina West, Plastique Tiara. Photo credit: Brittany Travis.

7. Shuga Cain, Finale look. 

Mother Mary has risen again and is serving us some heavenly body. Shuga Cain’s religious inspired look was not only brilliant for the blooming red roses and stunning, sun-ray headdress, but also for the joy of three looks in one. While strutting down the stage, Shuga flung away her flowers and revealed a glittered, sequin likeness of Mary herself. If this wasn’t enough, she then shrugged off her front gown to reveal a deep maroon, velvet gown and blue pooling cape, turning her into Mary herself.

8. Nina West, Reunion look.

Cool and stylish all with the tongue firmly lodged in the cheek. On the surface, her retro-glam hair-do matched with leather crop jacket and skirt looks very Grease Lightning coolness but the tumbling boa of sock-puppet monkeys brings the hilarious and heartfelt camp. No one’s expecting much with the fashion from a reunion episode but Nina West ends up looking the best she has all season all while reminding us of her humour and why we love her.

9. Plastique Tiara, Reunion look.

Celebrating her Vietnamese culture, Plastique looked like royalty during the season 11 reunion. The intricate detailing of her headdress, which included red berries and golden leaves, was reminiscent of her Farm to Runway look, while her deep blue robe with golden swirls and embroidered birds was absolutely stunning. She had an ethereal grace that was truly mesmerising and commanded the attention through all the shade being thrown that episode.

Yvie Oddly. Picture credit: left – Brittany Travis, middle and right – VH1

10. Yvie Oddly, Finale looks.

Okay, we’re cheating a little bit here but it was impossible to pick just one finale look of Yvie Oddly’s – they were all fabulous! Whether it was the anatomical, muscle dress, the kooky and fun stuffed toy look, or the darkly horror-like yet stunning mirror headdress gown – every garment was legendary. Breath-taking in completely different ways, Yvie proved that night why she deserved to be the winner of Season 11.

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