Tinder is a platform that is good for many purposes. Perhaps you want the self esteem boost of matching with someone cute, perhaps you’re looking for some late night fun, or maybe you want to fall in love (or, at least lust.) But the last thing you would think to use Tinder for would surely be employment prospects.

That might be soon to change, however. A company named Mychefit has a business model which involves sending professional chefs into people’s homes to cook for them in a private, intimate setting. The company’s founder Ariella Young, started using Tinder like everyone else did – for a bit of swiping, chatting, and fun. While she was struggling to find chefs to accomodate her new business venture, she stumbled upon a man in an apron whilst swiping – and this event served to be the catalyst for her innovative hiring method.

She began to look out on Tinder for profiles that mentioned cooking, and men in aprons. She would spark the conversation by talking about her business, and then move into the hiring process further – she was swiping right on the profiles of men who appeared to be chefs with the sole intention of hiring them for a job. The whole scheme has echoes of cat fishing, and is possibly a morally ambiguous thing to do when the majority of people are on the platform with the intention of making romantic connections, not finding a job. But Ariella found huge success in sourcing her staff from Tinder, and came across a lot of eager and interested potential employees.

Now, she is hiring through traditional avenues, but is continuing to swipe on Tinder with the notion of finding another employee never too far from her mind.