Education is one of the most important pillars of our society. Those who impart wisdom on a younger generation are preparing them to enter the world and make their mark on it, however they decide to do that. At Monash University, there are those studying in the education faculty who are young people learning to help young people learn in the future; a noble cause that helps aid a cycle of knowledge

We spoke to Alyssa, a representative of the Monash Education Society who told us that “the society works with students to encourage some form of socialisation for the students in the faculty. Since everyone in the faculty is either doing a double degree or a postgraduate degree, there is hardly any time to socialise and make friends in class. We run events to help students meet each other and in this way, they begin to pass down vital information in between year levels and become friends with people in different years successfully.”

As well as working with students directly, the society pairs itself with other areas of Monash UniversityThe Education Students’ Association is paired heavily with Monash’s Student Association because we work directly under them as a part of Clubs and Societies. The Monash Education Faculty also works very closely with us through marketing and promotions through social media.”

The Education Student Association are aiming to create a wealth of experience for their members – “We at the ESA are working closely with the Education Student Ambassadors to provide new and existing students with various experiences and opportunities. Through various events, our association works to benefit students providing sociable gatherings, professional experiences, and an engaging uni lifestyle for everyone. We tell our student members to come to as many events as possible, these are where you can get to know the committee members and the other members of the faculty and just have a great time! Also like us on Facebook (Education Students Association) and on Instagram (@Educationstudentsassociation) to keep updated on upcoming events and activities we run!”