Chunky Move, one of Australia’s most renowned and influential contemporary dance companies, have announced their new show ANTI-GRAVITY, which will be held for eight nights later in the month. Chunky Move‘s artistic Director Anouk Van Dijk has collaborated with multimedia artist Ho Tzu Nyen to develop a work which is designed “to explore the role of clouds as ethereal influences that disturb or heighten human existence.” 

Anouk Van Dijk is using Ho Tzu Nyen’s research as a departure point for this contemporary dance work which will see “performers transform from celestial creatures to terrestrial warriors. As the clouds swell and dissipate, bodies are caught between monolithic stillness and fleeting elevation, becoming the vessels of our own imagination.”

Anouk Van Dijk’s highly complex and physical choreography, as demonstrated in her previous works such as Complexity of Belonging, Depth of Field and Rule of Thirds will be interplayed with the aesthetic choices of Ho Tzu Nyen, creating a performance which will transcend any single medium, resulting in an “evocative world inhabited by six extraordinary dancers in various depths of control and abandon.” Anouk’s resume is extensive, and she is credited as the creator of the popular movement system Countertechnique.

ANTI-GRAVITY will feature Chunky Move dancers James Batchelor, Marlo Benjamin, Sarah Ronni Bruce, Tara Jade Samaya, Niharika Senapati and Luigi Vescio. The performances will take place in Melbourne, and tickets are available here, and if you’re under 30 you can score yourself a $30 ticket. Check out the trailer for the show and the performance dates below.

Fri 17 Mar (preview)
Sat 18 Mar (opening night)
Wed 22 Mar (Post-show Q&A)
Thu 23 Mar– Sat 26 Mar (closing night)