The 3rd edition of the Channels Festival biennale will showcase new and exciting contemporary moving images by over 90 Australian and international artists accross 14 events.

The free event focuses on video art, performance and culture in a decidedly inclusive atmosphere that includes exhibitions, screenings, workshops and online programs. The 2017 theme, “futures of” is an open-ended statement that invites contributors to explore future selves, ideas, movements, perceptions, politics and technologies through innovative and experimental mediums.

Festival director Alicia Renew contextualises the event on both a political and personal level: “In the current political and social landscape, our imagined future state is often broadly speculated and debated within mainstream dialogue. This year’s artists responded with their interpretations… based on their current experiences, hopes and ideals”. 

Kickstarting the festival will be FUTURE TENSE, a collaborative exhibition at Newport’s The Substation. Included in the exhibition is Umma’s Tongue-molten at 6000˚, a collaboration between Wakka Wakka and artist Hannah Brontë. The piece audio-visually explores the mistreatment of mother earth over the past 200,000 years, and compares environmental destruction to a female black body. “If Mother Earth were a rapper then this is her new music video”, says artist Hannah Brontë.

A new work by Antoinette J. Citizen titled Apparatus and Technique for Location-based Real-time Tracking and Analysis focuses on her fascination of data collection and the prediction of behavioural patterns. This installation will monitor people’s movements within the gallery and change according to general behaviours.

LA based Rachel Mason will re-enact Donald Trump’s inauguration while dressed as a dystopian clown. Originally at LACE galleries Los Angeles, this politically charged performance is not to be missed.

Melbourne-based artist Kate Geck will lead audiences around the Newport’s retail precinct with a series of therapeutic mindfulness mantras triggered by interactive totems.

Blindside Gallery in Melbourne’s CBD will host South Sudanese artist Atong Atem and her lense based pieces. Atem continues her exploration into the migrant narratives and post-colonial practices with a strong sense of critique that she is becoming synonymous for.

Channels Festival 2017 runs from 1st – 10th September. Full program will be announced Tuesday 25th July 2017.

Get more info from the Channels Festival website here.