If there are two things we love here at Speaker TV, it’s fresh Australian tunes and the tactile intimacy of vinyl. So we’ve put together a list of all the hottest new Australian vinyl records that are available right now.

Shrimpwitch – Eggs, Eggs, Eggs EP

Shrimpwitch are rapidly reaching the forefront of tongue-in-cheek, faced past punk in Australia. Their bombastic aesthetic and joyful tunes are oh so enjoyable, and they’ve deservingly received a large following and a lot of positive chatter as of late. Their debut EP Eggs, Eggs, Eggs is out now on Hysterical Records, and there is a vinyl of the stunning release available to buy here.

LOSSLESS – Self Titled LP

LOSSLESS, the dynamic team-up of Melbourne darlings Oscar Key Sung and HTML Flowers are one of the best hip-hop acts on the local scene. They boast an international appeal with their production reminiscent of Atlanta trap music, and with HTML Flowers aggressive, honest and subversive delivery. Their debut album is one of our favourite Australian releases of the last year, and the duo’s label Wondercore Island have finally released the incredible record on wax. Grab it here.

CORN – Virtuality EP

Coming once again from the Wondercore Island back catalogue is the debut EP from CORIN. Surprising dark, brooding electronic synth driven tracks populate the release which is hypnotic and meditative in its intensity. CORIN is ever so engaging both in a live setting, and on the record – and now lovers of sound can consume her detailed tunes on vinyl, finally hearing them with the pure quality they deserve. Grab it from Bandcamp here.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Skeleton Tree

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds new studio album is remarkable, and tragic. The record was created as Cave dealt with the aftermath of his teenage son’s sudden death. The majority of tracks on the album were written prior to the event, but the gravity of it clearly shines through in Cave’s delivery, which is forlorn and haunting throughout. The musical elements of the albums are un-surprisingly spectacular, with the season performers delivering a fascinating spread of abstract ideas. Although this album came out quite some time ago, it is one of the most original Australian releases to hit the shelves in quite some time, and on vinyl it sounds so crisp and immersive. Grab your copy here. 


The Citradels – Where’s One?

The Citradels are the first to acknowledge their deep-set love of vinyl. Their appreciation of the format has meant that the local act have strived to release all of their music on wax. Their latest album ‘Where’s One?’ is no exception, and you can grab your copy here. The psych-rock darlings put their best foot forward on this album which adopts all of the elements of their previous work, while also carrying their sound into the future.

LISTEN Records Fun Pack

There are only eight copies of this stellar pack at the time of publication, so if you’re keen, you’d better get in quick. Included in the super special fun pack is a whole plethora of great local releases on vinyl, and it’s just $50 for the whole lot! LISTEN Records pride themselves on beign a platform for female and LGBTQIA artists, and these three releases terrifically exemplify the broad spread of talent on the label. Grab the set here before it sells out! 

– Biscotti ‘Like Heaven in the Movies’ 12″ LP
– Simona ‘#TriggerWarning40’ 12″ LP
– Stina Tester & Cinta Masters ‘Awake and Dreaming’ 12″ LP

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