Featuring an unparalleled poignancy and texture, Alick Tipoti’s Lagangu is being showcased at the Linden New Art gallery. Filled with an array of lino-prints, paintings and sculptures, Tipoti illustrates a reflective translation of his traditional childhood into contemporary culture.

Complementing his exhibition, Samuel Tupou’s Duplikator, will be premiering simultaneously. This solo exhibition, in conjunction with Tipoti’s Lagangu, allows for a multifaceted perspective into the art and culture of Torres Strait and Pacific Islanders.

Drawing influence from the artistic enrichment of his childhood, and the almost forgotten Torres Strait Island language of Kala Lagaw Ya, Tipoti’s works act as vehicles to deliver a nostalgic insight into an ancient and timeless civilisation.

The opening night for the exhibition is on the 20th of July and runs from the 21st of July – 9th of October. For more information see here.