The Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is fast approaching with a lot of fantastic homegrown talent on the program. MIFF has always showcased some of the best Australian films and this year is no different with a diverse selection from around the country on the agenda. From satirical musicals to moving historical documentaries, it’s clear that the Australian entertainment industry is not averse to creating unique content that is equally as creative as it is interesting. Tickets are booking out fast for some of the more popular shows at this year’s festival, but before you book your tickets have a read of my guide to some of the Australian films on at MIFF this year.

Emo the Musical

This looks like everything I’ve ever wanted in a film and more. An ironic film paying homage to the emo phase every slightly alternative teen goes through in high school? Sign me up. From the trailer Emo the Musical looks to be a perfect mix of genuine musical talent, ironic lyrics and on point humour. It’s clear that other people are just as eager as I am to see this film because tickets are selling extremely fast!


Servant or Slave

Servant or Slave is a documentary exploring the experiences of five aboriginal women who were part of the stolen generation. It explores the idea that whilst these women were employed as servants in white households, they were treated more like slaves. This looks to be a moving and tragic recount of a dark period in Australian history that I am interested to hear about in Servant or Slave.


Bad Girl

This psychological thriller looks to be a fast-paced and climatic story about two girls living in a countryside town infested with secrets and lies. The trailer leaves a lot of cliffhangers that I’m excited to see unfurl in the film. With complex characters and an interesting storyline this is one film that I am definitely looking forward to seeing this year!

Down Under

From director Abe Forsythe comes a black comedy about the aftermath of the 2005 Cronulla riots. It is evident that this will be a humorous movie with a poignant reflection on the way that race and culture so often divides people in Australia. Many of the topics addressed in this film are extremely relevant at the moment and I’m excited to see what looks like a brilliant film! Down Under will be screening at MIFF’s Centrepiece Gala so tickets are more expensive than usual, but this film definitely looks worth it!

On Richard’s Side

This movie has been three decades in the making and explores the life of Richard Rook who has lived with a severe intellectual disability since birth. On Richard’s Side looks like a heartwarming film that urges people to look beyond a person’s mental illness and see their humanity. I think this will be a really interesting film that touches on a lot of important and often-overlooked issues in Australia.

Winter at Westbeth

Australian filmmaker Rohan Spong presents an inside look into the lives of artists living in Manhattan’s Westbeth Artists Housing. This looks like an intriguing insight into the lives of elderly artists who have a spirit that most people 50 years younger than them don’t have. I’m extremely eager to see this film and understand the lives of these experimental creatives!

Zach’s Ceremony

Zach’s Ceremony is a coming-of-age feature documentary filmed over five years. It focuses on Zach Doomagee, a young boy living in Sydney with a proud Aboriginal background. As he verges on the edge of becoming a man this documentary will focus on his journey to discover his own culture and the clash between tradition and modernity.


Australian talent is clearly abundant and diverse at the Melbourne International Film Festival this year! If you’re interested in seeing any of these films head to to book tickets. Be sure to secure them quickly, as many films are already selling out quickly!